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The CURREX monolith not only creates wow-effects but also wins prizes. 


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After more than ten years of experience in the development of insoles, we have a high-quality standard


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Every foot is different. By taking into account three different foot profiles and six sizes, 18 different versions are available. Each of our insoles has different shapes and strengths in the dynamic midfoot bridge. This offers a foot profile and weight-adjusted optimal support for the movement. Although the CURREX is “standardized”, it takes your individual needs into account.

The insoles prescribed by the doctor follow the idea that the foot’s bone position can, and must be straightened. For this reason, prescribed insoles have been designed accordingly and are often perceived by athletes as uncomfortable or even useless for sports.

We work every day to provide you with the best product. However, if something should not meet your satisfaction, please contact us directly via our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible to find a solution.

To clean CURREX Insole, we recommend that you clean it under running water with a nail brush and a little Ox-gall soap. Make sure that the soles are completely dry before wearing them again. Please do not wash in the washing machine.

Everything new is unusual – this also applies to CURREX Insole. However, the foot adapts to the CURREX very quickly: after only about 20 minutes, you hardly feel the insole. This is proof of the gentle neuromuscular stimulation of the receptors on the foot. Moreover, left and right feet are never the same, so the CURREX Insole may feel different on the left and right sides at the beginning. As far as its use in training is concerned, we advise you to wear CURREX like a new shoe for 1-2 days before using it in training. The same applies to competitions – first wear it in training, and then use it in competition.

The dynamic midfoot bridge is designed for a lifespan of at least 800-1200 km, depending on body weight and load. In addition, the breathable upper material and the underlying layers optimize moisture management in the shoe. If the upper material is significantly worn out, it is time for a change.

Note: Your pair of CURREX shoes will last at least as long as your pair of shoes.